Our areas of expertise.

Frozen fruit and vegetables

For our customers in the frozen food industry, we offer the complete range of all well-known types of fruit and vegetables. Our own production of frozen vegetables is concentrated on the processing of carrots, potatoes, onions, celeriac and bush beans. For this purpose, our production processes are continuously optimized and specialized using state-of-the-art technology. We process, cut, sort and mix the vegetables according to the requirements and specifications of our customers in the food industry and provide a wide variety of services, including commission orders.

Freshly cut vegetables

For our customers in the delicatessen industry and manufacturers of salads, we offer a range of ready prepared potatoes, carrots and onions. We process the freshly cut vegetables according to the individual specifications of our customers and deliver these promptly and precisely to our customers within a radius of approx. 300 km for further processing.

Ecological fruit and vegetables, deep frozen

We also process raw materials from organically-controlled cultivation to the required specifications of our customers. Over the years, we have specialized in the processing of raw materials for infant and toddler food, taking into account the EC Organic Regulation, as well as the relevant dietary regulations. In doing this, we comply with our due diligence obligations in the form of comprehensive quality control and close producer support. With the new organic production line, we have expanded and optimized the framework conditions for demanding organic production. This is certified by the annual inspection (Öko-Kontrollstelle) DE-ÖKO-001.

Contract services

We understand our core competencies as a partner and service enterprise for industry and commerce. With our know-how for the production of high-quality vegetable products, we also convince our customers as service providers for the following range of tasks:

  • Preparation and processing of the delivered product batches (also organic vegetables)
  • Contract packaging from 2.5 kg pack sizes
  • Production of vegetable mixtures
  • Preparation and processing of vegetable batches with a proportion of defective products.
  • Cooperation in product development (product quality, cutting variations, etc.)
  • Freezer storage of third-party goods

Warehouse logistics

Together with our subsidiary TZM GmbH & Co. KG (Tiefkühlzentrum Meyer), we operate one of the largest and most modern deep-freeze warehouses in Germany. We focus on the storage of frozen foods. As a reliable service company, we not only provide storage for our customers, but also offer other services related to the storage process, such as sampling, palletising and much more. We are certified according to the IFS Logistics standard.


Timely and problem-free delivery of our goods is of the highest priority to us. For this reason, we deliver to our customers within a radius of 300 km with our own fleet. Transports beyond this distance are transferred to specialized partners and logistics companies.

In the interest of our customers, the delivery of the goods has become more and more “just in time”. The highest degree of reliability and flexibility which this requires is achieved by the rapid implementation of each order right through to completion, by sufficient storage capacity and optimal warehouse management. By combining these factors, it is possible to reliably implement short-term or unforeseen changes in daily orders in the interests of our customers.

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